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See how Much It Cost Samsung To Build Galaxy S9+

Last month, Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. According to the analysis in terms of how much it cost the company to build the device released by TechInsights, the Plus version and got a price of $379, which is $10 more than…

LEAGOO S8 Specifications and Price

LEAGOO S8 Specifications, Features and Price LEAGOO S8 is a more affordable Samsung galaxy S8 clone – and with a more appropriately placed fingerprint scanner under the camera lens. It has a 5.72 inches, fullscreen, 18:9 aspect ratio…


Checkout another iPhone X Clone – LEAGOO S9

Just yesterday, we released some specs for BLUBOO X – a clone version of iPhone X and now we are bringing another one under the shadow of the same iPhone X. Leagoo S9 is also an emulation version of iPhone X that features "under display…

BLUBOO X: A Clone And Cheaper Version Of iPhone X

BLUBOO X – A Clone Version Of iPhone X – Specifications, Features and Price BLUBOO appears to be offering a cheaper version of high-end phones from top brands. Recall the clone version of Samsung Galaxy S8 – BLUBOO S8. Now, they have…





Video: Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S8

A lot of images of the just one unit have dominated the smartphone world yet all looks real, at the same time, they all look fake. There has been a lot of leaked images of the S8 littering the net but all we need most now is to wait for…
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