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See how Much It Cost Samsung To Build Galaxy S9+

Last month, Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. According to the analysis in terms of how much it cost the company to build the device released by TechInsights, the Plus version and got…

LEAGOO S8 Specifications and Price

LEAGOO S8 Specifications, Features and Price LEAGOO S8 is a more affordable Samsung galaxy S8 clone – and with a more appropriately placed fingerprint scanner under the camera lens. It has a 5.72…


Checkout another iPhone X Clone – LEAGOO S9

Just yesterday, we released some specs for BLUBOO X – a clone version of iPhone X and now we are bringing another one under the shadow of the same iPhone X. Leagoo S9 is also an emulation version of…





Video: Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S8

A lot of images of the just one unit have dominated the smartphone world yet all looks real, at the same time, they all look fake. There has been a lot of leaked images of the S8 littering the net…

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