Cryptocurrency traders faced a tumultuous Friday night, as the entire crypto market plunged into the red, signaling a widespread decline in the value of major crypto assets. This market downturn echoed a similar trend observed the previous Friday, resulting in a staggering loss of $80 billion from the collective market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

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The massive drop in prices affected Bitcoin and altcoins, sparing no crypto asset in the market and causing massive losses to short-term holders.

Bitcoin last Friday was at the $69,000 price level before dropping by over $2,000 to $67,000. There wasn’t much activity over the weekend in terms of price action so Bitcoin maintained its level at $67,000.

As Monday rolled in Bitcoin gained from its recent position briefly exceeding $70,000 and crossing the $70,000 mark on Tuesday. Bitcoin remained above $70,000 throughout the week and even reached a 2-week high of $72,000 on Friday.

But as Friday evening drew near the Friday down cycle repeated itself and Bitcoin witnessed a massive drop in price driving it down all the way to $68,500. The crypto asset recovered some ground and is currently at $69,000 but the price drop is still a massive 2.7%.

Altcoins which are other crypto assets that are not Bitcoin experienced a worse state during the Friday meltdown in the crypto market.

Ethereum the largest altcoin dropped by 3.5% sitting below $3,700, Binance Coin dropped from its all-time high of $710 to under $690 and Solana dropped by over 6%.

Other smaller altcoins recorded price drops including Dogecoin, Avalanche Chainlink. Polkadot, NEAR, UNI, and MATIC. They all recorded price drops of over 5% on Friday night during the meltdown.

Some altcoins like WIF, ARB, and FET recorded massive price drops that run into double digits. Only FIL altcoin recorded a gain during the meltdown.

The Friday meltdown in crypto markets driving down crypto prices is fast becoming a trend worth noting.


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