Samsung responds to recently-discovered issues with Galaxy Note8 battery

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Users complains of Battery issue. Samsung responds as Galaxy S8/S8+ and Tab S3 says the same thing

A substantial number of Samsung Galaxy Note8 users brought into light a battery-related issue experienced on their devices. The users said their units failed to charge after the battery reached 0%.

Following the issue trending faster among the Note8, Galaxy S8/S8+ and Galaxy Tab S3 users have also tendered similar problem.

Well, Samsung has now released an official statement on the matter, saying they’ve only received a few such reports and is yet to collect detailed information about the affected units.

Here’s the complete statement:

“Of course, Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charge management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further if we have more detailed information about the affected devices. If you have any questions about your device, please contact Samsung Customer Service at 06196 77 555 66 (costs according to the contractual partner’s terms for landline or mobile phone connections.) Service times: Monday to Friday: 8: 00-21: 00 clock, Saturday: 9: 00-17: 00 clock) or under:”

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