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One of the easiest way to advertise on is to find us on Google AdWords or DoubleClick Ad Exchange. From those points, you can target our site by using our domain name, and customize the kind of audience you want to reach by applying various additional filters.

If you are going for low-budget campaigns, you can go for AdWords, while Ad Exchange for higher-budget campaigns.

However, if you are experiencing difficulties in setting up a campaign, kindly contact us at [email protected] Below are the token we charge for Ad placement. Note that we also accept Bitcoin. All to make it easy for you and still get your sales trending.

Depends on your choice of banner or mode of advertisement, Ad placement is billed on a monthly basis per ad space.

Current Partners includes Immaculate Falana Bros Ltd, Victhonia Roasted foods, Twinx Music.

Ad Placement Price

For more inquires on advert placement and payments, kindly send us a mail on

[email protected]


Call: +234-8060280945

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