About Us

TellForce Blog is purely a tech-oriented website founded by TellForce Blog Technology Services, Nigeria, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC NUMBER 2866270, Nigeria.

TellForce Blog commands a huge specifications database containing hundreds of phone, tablet, smartwatches, PCs/laptops, Automobiles and many more by various manufacturers. Along with our collection of harmonizing tools, which consist of detailed device filtering and dedicated sections for gadgets, for example, latest phones, tablets, videos and a lots more. This aids countless users in selecting the right device.

Our videos comprise of educations on gadgets, blogging tips and device reviews. We started producing video the same year the site came to being. Our drive is to be a pioneer in video reviewing. Our YouTube channel is gradually becoming popular despite still at tender age.

Aside reviews, we bring you the latest news from telecoms, mobile apps, cell phones and technology updates on a daily basis. An average of 10 news are written each day for a total of over 300 stories posted monthly.

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