Samsung finally lets its smartphone users disable the Bixby button
When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 flagship, they landed
with a dedicated button for a new company’s assistant named Bixby. However,
however that never went well with those, who didn’t want to use the virtual
assistant and only got worried when they unintentionally pressed the key.

Now, close a month after making the digital service
available globally, Samsung decided to let Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy
Note8 owners to turn off the dedicated key for it.
Sources said, the latest Bixby update includes a toggle that
turns off the dedicated key. That way any unintentional presses will in no way
launch the AI service, and it will only be available via swiping left on the
home screen.
One can also still beckon on the assistant with “Hello
Bixby” and make it try to identify objects, give weather updates and traffic



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