Starlink, the internet service provider founded by Elon Musk, has significantly reduced the cost of its hardware in Nigeria by 45%.

Starlink’s internet router, previously priced at N800,000, has received a significant price reduction to N440,000, as per the company’s latest price update released on Wednesday. Despite the price drop for the router, the monthly subscription fee for Starlink’s internet service remains the same at N38,000.


Until recently, the hardware was priced at N378,000. However, an increase was implemented in early March, attributed to the depreciating value of the naira. As a result, the price surged to N800,000.

Although Starlink has not disclosed the specific rationale behind the price reduction, the recent strengthening of the Nigerian naira against the US dollar and other foreign currencies is believed to have played a significant role in the company’s decision.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that SpaceX’s internet company also slashed its hardware price in South Africa as well. Although Starlink is not licensed in South Africa, where Musk was born, South Africans are accessing its service locally using a global or regional roaming subscription.

Confirming that it indeed has a market in the country, Starlink in an advertisement on X earlier this week, said it had slashed its hardware price from ZAR 12,000 to ZAR 6,800, representing a 43% decrease.


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