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Hisense A7 5G

Hisense A7 5G Is The world’s Frst E-ink Display Smartphone With 5G Support

Hisense is popular for its televisions but company is also into making phones in its home country. It has now announced the Hisense A7 5G...
HiSense E30

HiSense E30 Specifications and Price

The HiSense E30 is the higher model of the E30 SE. This handset does not have any form of overhead notch, so you will...
Hisense A5 Pro

Hisense A5 Pro Specifications and Price

Hisense A5 Pro comes with a 5.84 inch color electronic paper display, CPU is UNISOC Tiger T610 * GHz octa core, RAM capacity is 4GB / 6GB ...
Hisense A5C

Hisense A5C Specifications and Price

The Hisense A5C is a special smartphone due to the absence of a conventional LCD screen but through a 5.84-inch panel in electronic color ink.
Hisense Q5 Tablet

Hisense Q5 Specifications and Price

Hisense announced its latest smartphones, including colour ink models in China on April 23. In the process, the Chinese tech manufacturer also launched an...
Hisense F50 5G

Hisense F50 5G Specifications and Price

Hisense has announced its very first 5G smartphone called the Hisense F50 5G. It is not powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000 or Dimensity 1000L...
Hisense 85U9E TV

Hisense Unveils the World’s first Dual Screen 85-inch 8K Pro TV

Wang Wei, Vice President of Hisense Video, has announced the 85-inch 8K Pro dual-screen TV U9. According to him, the Hisense 85U9E is the...
Hisense F50 5G

Hisense F50 Announced Unisoc Tiger T7510 Processor + 5G

Recently, at the 2020 Ziguang Zhanrui Spring Online Conference, Dr. Ma Xiaohang, Vice President of Hisense Electronic Information Group and Deputy General Manager of...

Hisense INFINITY E30SE Specifications and Price

Chinese manufacturer, Hisense has launched a new Android Go Edition phone called Hisense INFINITY E30SE. Hisense INFINITY E30SE is built around a 6.1-inch HD +...

Hisense Kingkong 6 Announced With A 10010mAh Battery

The King Kong 6 will be the smartphone with the largest battery released by a relatively mainstream brand
Hisense A5

Hisense A5 Specs and Price: comes with an e-ink display, Snapdragon 439, 4000mAh battery

Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense recently held an event in China where it unveiled two smartphones – Hisense A6L and Hisense A5. Hisense A5 Specs and Features The major...
Hisense A6L

Hisense A6L Specs and Price: comes with dual displays (FHD+ and HD+)

Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense recently held an event in China where it unveiled two smartphones – Hisense A6L and Hisense A5. Hisense A6L Specs and Features The...

Hisense U30, King Kong 5/Pro Unveiled

Hisense Mobile has officially unveiled the Hisense U30 full-screen smartphone and the King Kong 5/5 Pro with monster-size batteries. Hisense U30 The Hisense U30 is the...
HiSense U30

HiSense U30 Specs – Phone with 8GB RAM, 48MP camera, O-Infinity display

HiSense U30 is an Android 9 smartphone that features a 6.3-inch O-Infinity Display, 48MP camera at the back, Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset, 4500mAh battery with...

11 Amazing Tech Innovations From CES 2018

CES 2018 has now been concluded following a great week of show off with latest products and innovations from the world’s leading tech developers/manufacturers...

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