Error codes for GOtv frequently appear after your subscription package has expired. Here is a handy instruction on GOtv reset code in case you run into any technical issues when attempting to reset your GOtv decoder.

How to clear GOTv error codes

How To Clear GOtv Error Codes

You need to restart your decoder if you have issues like Error E16 and E30. We’ve provided easy, quick, and simple solutions to fix error codes on GOtv if you need assistance with channel viewing.

How to Reset Your GOtv Decoder Using SMS

Send a text message to 288 (the standard GOtv reset code) with the term “Reset” and your IUC number. For instance, type “Reset 0123456789” to 288.

As an alternative, you can reach Customer Care on any cell phone network by dialing the USSD code *288# and speaking with a representative about your problem.

How to Reset Your GOtv Decoder Using Self-Service

Go to the GOtv official website.

Log into your GOtv account using your IUC account number and surname.

Visit GOtv’s self-service.

Select “Clear Error Code” from the dialogue window.

After entering your IUC number, choose GOtvE16.

Click “Clear Error” after entering the error code that appears on your screen.

Then select “Reset device now” from the menu. Your GOtv decoder should now be reset.

Here is How to Restore All Channels on Gotv

On your remote control, click on “Menu”

Select “Advanced Options”. Then select “Installation”.

Select “Tuning”. Then select “Automatic Scan” and press the “OK” button.

Press the exit button on the remote once scanning is completed. Once scanning is finished, press the exit button on the remote control.

This is expected to automatically restore all your channels to normal once scanning is complete.