Shopping for a smartphone? Checkout the best smartphones of 2019

The best smartphones available for shopping

We at TellForceBlog have compiled a list of some of the best smartphones of 2019 ranging from basic, entry-level smartphones to super devices that fold and have 5G internet for you. It is an interesting and colourful list that will leave you drooling. If you need to shop for a smartphone this year and looking to get one of the best, don’t ever ignore this list, just bookmarked this page.

Mobile World Congress is the event where mobile manufacturers announce the best smartphones and devices for the year. This year’s event has come and gone and a number of devices have been unveiled. Some of them are spectacular, and break new grounds. These include the foldable devices and 5G devices.

Besides those smartphones announced at MWC 2019, though, some other manufacturers have devices that will launch this year, and those are covered here as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10e
The Samsung Galaxy S10e is one of the best smartphones of 2019

What Do You Want?

Do you need a budget smartphone with a well-rounded feature set? Or is it a reliable mid-ranger that is your target market? Or perhaps you want the best flagship smartphones. And should you live on the cutting edge, what you will have your eyes on are the foldable devices.

We have added short notes to identify the foldable devices on the list. Some items have a link so you can click through to read and see more of them.

These Are The Best Smartphones of 2019

Some other great devices will be announced at other times during the year, and we will update this list to reflect them. But if you are interested in the best smartphones of 2019, the devices that we have listed above have you well covered.

Happy shopping, and do tell us what device you eventually settled for!

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