MTN officially launch 5G network, Records 20Gbps on trial

When we are yet to get 4G LTE in circulation, 5G technology is already falling on us. At last, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has released the first official 5G standard, known as 5G NR. This means that mobile networks and device manufacturers can jump into action – and some of them are already. […]

MTN partners Ericsson to launch first 5G Technology in Africa

MTN Set To Launch The first 5G Technology In Africa On Monday 8 January 2017, MTN and Ericsson announced at the MTN headquarters in South Africa that companies will begin the first 5G technology and applications trial in Africa, which is part of a 5G demonstration starting in the first quarter of 2018. The announcement […]

Checkout The First 5G smartphone In The World

While 4G LTE enabled devices are yet land on most people’s hand, 5G devices have started erupting from the world of fast technology. Some of those companies that are tirelessly working on ensuring this come to reality includes: Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Intel, among others. 5G technology offers opportunities for 3D video/UHD video and […]

Apple starts work on 5G network technology

Accoding to Business Insider, Apple is allegedly testing the next level of wireless technology. The American tech giant has applied for an experimental license for a new wireless technology named the millimeter wave. The FCC made this public after approving it on Tuesday. This technology is called as 5G network. In summary, Apple is working […]