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Apple Reportedly Testing Some Foldable iPhone Designs, Coming 2022

Since its inception, foldable smartphones have been enjoying more attention from the manufacturers. However, just as it did with 5G, Apple is yet to have a foldable phone many months after the first foldable phone hit the market. Makers likes Huawei and Samsung are already enjoying popularity in this section. The rumors about the foldable iPhone have been around for a long time. The arrival date of this phone is getting closer but it will not launch anytime soon.

Apple Reportedly Testing Some Foldable iPhone Designs

Apple Is Testing Some Foldable iPhone Designs

The latest rumors suggests that Apple is already testing some foldable iPhone designs. And from there, the company will pick a design which is good for the market. According to Jon Prosser, several of his sources claim that Apple is currently developing two foldable devices.

The first device is the same as the previous ones, with two displays and a hinge between the screens. The design is similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The second device uses a clamshell design, the design should look like the Galaxy Z Flip as well as the Moto RAZR.

The report also claim that the case of this device is being tested at the Shenzhen Foxconn factory. These shells are not the entire device because Apple may want to see how durable the hinge mechanism is.

Apple Reportedly Testing Some Foldable iPhone Designs 2

This device will indeed be equipped with a foldable OLED display, which will be provided by Samsung. They also stated that Apple is still trying to decide which of these two designs to use because only one will be available.

However, we are not expecting this foldable iPhone anytime soon as the report claims that we may have to wait until September 2022 to see a foldable iPhone. In other words, Apple fans will have to wait a while before they will see these new foldable iPhones.




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