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Huawei Mate Xs Specifications and Price

Huawei launched the foldable Mate X at last year's MWC, and though its release to the market was delayed several times, the announcement of its successor remains much more punctual. The Chinese giant…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Price

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is finally officially here to take on the Motorola Razr 2019. The second foldable phone from Samsung almost stole the spotlight from the Galaxy S20-series. Unlike the Galaxy…





Foldable Phones You Should Expect In 2019

Ever since Samsung teased the coming of its foldable device - The Galaxy Fold in 2018, a lot of companies around the globe have joined the quest to manufacture the most practical foldable phone. As…


Sony Said To Be Working on a Rollable Smartphone

Unconfirmed reports has it that Sony is working on a phone with a rollable display and 10x zoom camera. This is a so-called “nautilus design” and reportedly uses an LG Display panel. LG showcased a…

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