Motorola RAZR Coming About As A $1,500 Foldable Phone

I hope we still remember the legendary Motorola Razr, it’s coming back but this time as a foldable phone. The RAZR phones were once on top of the world.

Last year Lenovo’s CEO made mention the possibility of a new RAZR, later on some patent drawings showed a flip phone with a foldable screen. There was talk of a MotoMod as well, but nothing came of that.

According to reports flying around, Lenovo is set to bring back the Motorola RAZR as a foldable smartphone with a flexible display. And WSJ is reporting that it will cost a whooping $1500 price tag.

Dragging old smartphone designs to the present in updated forms is starting to become a trend. HMD global succeed with the re-releases of the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 and now Lenovo is hoping to manufacture over 200,000 of the new RAZRs.

$1,500 or so, for a foldable phone appears to be the standard pricing when you look at that the range of the $1,300 FlexPai to $1,800 for the Galaxy F.


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