There is a number easy ways of hiding apps on Xiaomi Redmi phones such as Redmi Note 4 , Redmi Note 5 Pro, and other Redmi phones. Come, let’s walk you through the available options.

The Redmi Note 4 may be a 2017 flagship, but it is still very popular. While there is no direct app hiding feature built into MIUI, there are easy ways to hide sensitive applications from prying eyes.

For example, it is a good idea to hide away your banking apps. If you have any corporate or mission-critical apps with access to sensitive resources, it is a good idea to hide those too.

If you own a Redmi smartphone and are looking for a way to hide apps on it, explained below are ways to go about it.

Option 1: How to hide apps in Redmi Note 4 using Second Space

There is a feature in MIUI called Second Space. The name is self-descriptive: it allows you to create a second separate space on your phone. You can use this feature to hide apps. Enable Second Space and move all the apps that you want hidden in there.

Those hidden apps will be available only when you enter your Second Space. To download and hide an app directly, make sure Second Space is active, then download the apps you want to hide from public view.

You can also use Second Space the other way round – move apps you want to use into Second Space and keep it enabled. All the other apps are hidden unless you exit the space.

On your phone, go to Settings -> Second Space to set it up.

Option 2: How to hide apps in Redmi Note 4 using Launchers

Some launchers have features that enable you to hide apps. An example is Apex Launcher.

Download and install Apex Launcher, then go to Settings -> Drawer Settings -> Hidden apps to set which apps get get hidden from your app drawer.

There are other alternative launchers that offer a similar feature.

Option 3: How to hide apps in Redmi Note 4 using 3rd Party Applications

There are many available third party applications that provide the ability to hide apps. On your phone, launch Google Play Store and run a search for “Hide apps”. Many of them are free, some are commercial and require a payment.

The free ones tend to buzz you with ads and notifications, but you can get rid of those pesky ads by upgrading to the ad-free versions.

The levels of functionality differ too. Some of them do a more effective job at hiding your applications than others. Really interesting ones will leave no trace that you have anything hidden.

Examples of apps like this include, App Lock, Folder Lock, Hide It Pro and Go Incognito.

Option 4: How to hide apps in Redmi Note 4 by disabling them

You can hide apps on your phone by disabling them from your phone settings. The problem with this option is that if it is an app that requires your login, it logs you out and clears your data. This option basically resets the apps you disable.

on your smartphone, go to Settings -> Apps -> All. Select an app that you want to hide, tap on it and select the option labelled ‘Disable’.  The app is immediately hidden. Repeat the process for every app you want to hide.

That is it for this guide. Of the above ways to hide apps in Redmi Note 4, which are you most comfortable using?