Google Chrome Browser For Android Set To Get HDR Support
This is sounding very interesting, especially for those on Android
platform. Google is about to add HDR video support to the Chrome browser for
Android. High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos offer superior contrast and color
accuracy which results in an overall improvement of video quality. And this is increasingly
being integrated in electronic devices for more improved video quality and

This information comes from two commits that were recently
spotted on Chromium Gerrit.
According to these commit, the Google’s web browser for
Android will be able to “extract the VP9 HDR metadata from the video
container and pass it to MediaCodec.” This simply means that Chrome will
be able to playback HDR videos on a compatible device.
A good number of top-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy
S8, Note 8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and others enjoys HDR screens.
Apps like YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Netflix already
support HDR, but the amount of such content is rather limited at the moment.
Still, we suspect that we’ll see more of these videos popping up as
compatibility grows.


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