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See The 2019 List of Chrome URLs and Their Uses

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular browser we have around and one of the most valuable products for the search giant and it never stops growing and capturing the largest portion of the browser…



Chrome Browser To Get Google Scroll to Text

Scroll to Text is a new Chrome feature that lets you create a link targeting a word or phrase on a page. The new feature will allow users to share links to specific sections of web pages, even with…

16 Chrome Browser Settings You Need To Change

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular browser around. This can be confirmed with the fact that the browser currently captured more than 65% of the market share. While the browser works like a…



Is Chrome Mobile Data Saver Really Useful Again?

Chrome mobile data saver is a feature that helps user saves reduce their data consumption when using Chrome browser on his/her smartphone. My data usage statistics shows that the saving system doesn’t…

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