Nonda 3.0 iHere Smart Key Finder: Find your missing key in a second.

Nonda 3.0 iHere Smart Key Finder: Find your missing key in a second.
Ever woke late for an appointed, rushed to dress up and ready to roll, only to discover that you can’t find your keys and the doors are locked up. Or, you misplaced your phone, may be dropped in sofa at the living room.

Well, there’s adevice and app to locate your missing keys or phone. It’s called iHere Smart Key Finder.
About iHere Smart Key Finder and An App
The iHere Smart Key Finder is a rechargeable Bluetooth tracking unit about the size of a key holder. The major reason for the existence of this device is to use it as a key holder. Though can also function as a phone finder, car finder, remote selfie shutter button and a voice recording trigger for smartphones, with the aid of an app called iHere 3.0 app.
Nonda 3.0 iHere Smart Key Finder: Find your missing key in a second.
Setting up the iHere Smart Key Finder

Step 1
. Upon unboxing the device, it’s recommended that the unit should be fully charged, the indicator changes from red to green to signify a full charge. 

Step 2. Download the iHere 3 app from your App store. 

Step 3. Launch the app first and allow to search for the iHere tracker unit. 

Step 4. Make sure there is close proximity between your smartphone and the iHere tracker. 

Step 5.
Then long-press the button on the tracking unit for about 5 seconds or more until the red LED light starts to blink.

The moment it starts blinking, both devices should connect automatically within seconds, and then you will see a dashboard from where you can choose to find your missing key holder and key (Find tab at the bottom of the screen), as well as set up the device for one of four other functions (Click tab at the bottom of the screen).
Below is what the Click half of the dashboard looks like:
Nonda 3.0 iHere Smart Key Finder: Find your missing key in a second.
From the image above, it has four available functions. If you are type that is always looking for your phone, the default will be “Call Phone”. When you tap it, it finds your phone and makes it ring out, assisting you to locate the exact area.
Also good for Selfie freaks, they will love the iHere because it can be used as a selfie remote.
Finding Your Missing Key With The App
If your key goes missing;

Step 1. Simply pick up your smartphone, open the app 

Step 2. Select the “Find ” tab at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3. Then tap the circular “Find” button. Your iHere key holder will ring out from wherever it’s hidden.

The Setback With The App
It crashes sometimes or get disconnected from the devices after a short period. Usually, reconnecting is as if you are launching the app again. However, there is a support menu in the app for any issue if any. All you need to do is to go to the “Help” menu.
Aside that, you don’t need to be a tech guru before using the app, it is pretty straightforward to use. We do wish there was a way to programme it for more than one function at a time. For example, it would be nice that if I launch my camera and press the button on the tracker, it knows that I want to take a selfie and functions for that automatically. The way it is now, when I have set it to function as a phone finder, it won’t function for any of the other three options.
Overall, it is a very nice initiative.
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