Apple has announced its latest version of its operating system for iPhones – iOS 15. The new operating system for iPhones was perhaps the biggest news of the WWDC 2021 event. The iOS 15 is already available to Apple Developer members, while the public beta version will come on stream with a public beta by July 2021.

iOS 15

A major highlight of the iOS 15 is the overhauling of the video chat feature via Facetime to accommodate new features and provide a very compelling real-time communication within the apple device.

The iOS 15 will have the spatial audio feature incorporated into Facetime to provide a more exciting video chat experience on the latest operating system from Apple.

The spatial audio feature will enable users to hear the recipients from the direction of the Apple device. The spatial audio will give an all-round quality to the audio setup. Background noise reduction helps to get clearer communication from the other end of the video chat. The purpose of the spatial audio feature is to have a more immersive conversation between several users without interference from their environments.

It is possible to generate FaceTime links and share them with your friend who may have an iOS or Android device, meaning that FaceTime calls now have Android support.

FaceTime Links let you share a group FaceTime call

The Apple Maps will get a revamped layout. More detailed maps in select cities would be available. Navigation will be seamless with 3D content and a solid experience.

ios 15 maps

Another addition is the Portrait Mode which will enable users to tinker with the view of their screen background.

The SharePlay feature on FaceTime enables you to easily use and share content from one FaceTime user to another FaceTime user. It is also possible to enjoy audio content from several Apple platforms with a FaceTime call.

ioS 15 Shareplay

Apple has also made it easy for developers to add FaceTime support in their apps. TikTok, ESPN, NBA, and HBO Max are among several brands that have now interfaced FaceTime into their processes.

FaceTime call from your phone and watch the content on an Apple TV

With the innovations Apple had included on FaceTime, we expect greater use of the app on iOS.

iOS 15 launched

Notifications have also been enhanced, with a Notification Summary present. Unlike a long string of items, the new Notification summary shows a single tile.


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