Huawei has been working hard to make its mark in the electric vehicle market through its partnerships with various carmakers. The latest development in this area is the change in the branding of the AITO Wenjie car to Huawei Wenjie. Here are the details…

Aiito and Huawei 1

AITO changes car promotion to ‘Huawei Wenjie’

AITO changes car promotion to ‘Huawei Wenjie’. This news appeared quietly on Weibo, where Huawei and AITO announced a new chapter of their partnership for Wenjie electric vehicles and new technologies.

A promotional image and a video teaser were shared, both featuring the Huawei Wenjie branding. This branding change has raised eyebrows, and people online have been speculating about its implications.

AITO changes car promotion to huawei Wenjie

Huawei’s statement on the matter clarifies that Wenjie is Huawei’s ecosystem electric vehicle brand, which is a new business model created by the company. Huawei provides core software and hardware technologies such as electrification and smart components. The cooperation between Huawei and electric vehicle companies includes product definition, user experience, quality control, channel retailing, and brand marketing to help with sales.

Huawei has been working closely with AITO’s parent company, SERES, which was the first company to cooperate with Huawei deeply. The two companies signed a business-deepening cooperation agreement in February this year. They are also planning to launch a new flagship car platform by this year. This agreement aims to achieve 1 million vehicle sales by 2026, indicating the seriousness of the two partners in their efforts to make a significant impact in the smart car industry.

The change in branding from AITO Wenjie to Huawei Wenjie is a clear indication of Huawei’s growing influence in the smart car industry. The company’s expertise in technology and marketing is proving to be valuable to car companies that want to create good cars that are equipped with the latest technologies.


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