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Huawei Given Another 90 Day Reprieve from the U.S

The U.S government has given Huawei another 90-day reprieve. The temporary license accorded to the Chinese tech manufacturer in May expired today and it was expected that it would be extended. Early…

Huawei Announces The Roadmap For EMUI 10 Update

Last week, we told that Huawei announced the lists of its smartphones that will get the Android Q EMUI 10 updates this year. EMUI 10 was introduced last week and now we have the first roadmap for the…

Huawei Map Kit Will Take On Google Map

They said, "a word is enough for the wise". Huawei recently launched its own in-house operating system called HarmonyOS, and now the Chinese company is already preparing to announce its own mapping…



Foldable Phones You Should Expect In 2019

Ever since Samsung teased the coming of its foldable device - The Galaxy Fold in 2018, a lot of companies around the globe have joined the quest to manufacture the most practical foldable phone. As…



Huawei Takes Charge Of Meizu’s Biggest Store

Chinese phone maker, Meizu is at present fighting for survival. There are reports that it has laid off some of its staff and closed a couple of stores. Now, the latest report says that Huawei has…

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