Finally, the Microsoft Office gets a long-awaited addition. The company is adding the Keyboard shortcut to MS Word shortcut keys.

Microsoft Word

The new introduction will allow you to paste something as plain text.

Moreover, it will just strip off all formatting styles on a certain text. Press Ctrl + Shift + V as a shortcut key. As of now, the feature will be available to Mac and PC users using the Word beta version.

CTRL + SHIFT + V Will Now Remove Formatting And Past Plain Text

If you remember, you can perform similar operations using the pop-up ribbon. This feature was here long ago, but we were deprived of a shortcut key.The ribbon also allows you to match the formatting of the document; use it as plaintext or keep the original formatting.

I personally love this shortcut feature as I don’t have to wait for the pop-up ribbon to appear. You have your opinion, and you may not like it.

The ISO Keyboard layout may confuse you, but it is all good when you know the location of the Shift key.

The ANSI layout keyboards are relatively good, as Ctrl + Shift + V is easy to press. I must confess that it is an amazing addition, and more and more will surely use this feature if it’s available out of the box. Microsoft will be using its PowerToys program to make this feature available system-wide.

The company always uses this program for publicizing nifty features to Windows. If you are a Mac user, you can use the Pure Paste app to use the xerox copy of this functionality.

Mac users will have to use Command + V shortcut key to past text as plain text. However, to keep formatting unchanged, they’ll have to run the extra mile even with MS Word Shortcut keys.



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