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Mercedes eActros 600 electric semi with 500km range launched

Mercedes-Benz has launched the eActros 600 long-haul electric truck. The new Mercedes eActros 600 EV is equipped with three battery packs that give it a combined capacity of 621kWh. The eActros 600 EV is a solid competitor to the Tesla Semi and it has a range of 500km on a single charge.

Mercedes Benz eActros 600 long haul electric truck 1

The eActros 600 EV is designed to set new benchmarks in road freight transport with its excellent haulage capabilities. The eActros 600 design philosophy incorporates curves and aerodynamic styling. It has underbody paneling and air deflectors on its A-pillars. The purpose-built cab of the Mercedes eActros 600 is expansive for greater comfort. The front of the electric semi haulage truck features matrix LED headlamps.

The Mercedes eActros 600 is a great sustainability solution for haulage business. Its 500km range will adequately cover most of the long-distance trips by Mercedes customers. The semi just requires charging infrastructure at the two end-points of its journey, which is great. Furthermore, Mercedes says the eActros can also travel significantly more than 1,000km in a day because the truck can easily be recharged during breaks. The eActros can haul carriages of up to 22 tons.

Mercedes Benz eActros 600 long haul electric truck 2

The eActros 600 is the EV version of its ICE model. It delivers durability like its ICE sibling and can reach a total mileage of up to 1.2 million km. Mercedes also says that the battery state of health remains up to 80% after 10 years of usage. The charging capacity of the eActros is 400kW. The electric semi has an 800V electric axle with two electric motors and a peak output of 805hp. Mercedes will offer megawatt charging later for the truck but it comes with 400kW charging capacity.

Mercedes Benz eActros 600 long haul electric truck

The Mercedes eActros 600 will be up to 2.5 times more expensive than its diesel sibling but offers more profitability in the long term. The new model could square off decently against the Tesla Semi and the finer optics will emerge after the release of both models.

Recall that a number of companies like JAC had earlier unveiled electric trucks to take on the Tesla Semi but it remains to be seen if a formidable competition to the Semi will emerge anytime soon.