Samsung had filed a 66-page patent in mid-2021 titled “Electronics device comprising flexible display” for a smartphone with a foldable P-shaped display. This patent was made public on January 20, 2022, following which LetsGoDigital collaborated with designer Jermaine Smit to create some renders, showing what a final product will look like.

Samsung is working on Galaxy Z series phone with weird design 1
via LetsGoDigital x Jermaine Smit


When folded up, the device has a form factor that’s very similar to the average smartphone, with the only difference being the top-left edge of its display that wraps around all the way to the rear.

But when unfolded, the display turns into a very unconventional P-shape. Some will compare the implementation to the LG Wing back from 2020, except the Wing used double displays instead of the single foldable unit Samsung sports.

To make this possible, an ingenious hinge has been built into the side of the frame, below the folding screen. It’s been designed quite tough so as to prevent breakage if the user accidentally bends it a bit too far. And then there’s the screen itself that’s made with UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass), which is currently standard on Samsung foldable phones.

Samsung is working on Galaxy Z series phone with weird design
via LetsGoDigital

It’s hard to imagine what use-cases such an implementation would allow for, but you’ll likely be able to watch videos in full landscape mode on the upper part of the display while the lower part will show another app. Videocalls making proper use of the additional estate supplied by the P-shape should also provide an improved experience.


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