Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has undergone the DXOMARK‘s rear camera test. And it has the same scores as the OnePlus Nord but could not even beat Xiaomi’s 2019 flagship and mid-range Pixel 4a in rankings.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 scores 109 points in DXOMARK camera test

According to the DXOMARK report, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 recorded an overall score of 109. It’s worth noting that the device’s triple-camera sits below the 2019 flagship Xiaomi Mi 9‘s 110 points and even the Google Pixel 4a which recently got rated for 111 points with just a single camera. Precisely, the Z Fold2 scores 108 points in the Photo, 102 in video, and 63 in zoom categories.

The report also said that the device often lacks details in images from the main lens. Additionally, it suffers from noise and auto-focus issues in low-light and indoor situations.

This is surprising considering it has an f/1.8 wider aperture in a 12MP main camera which is a 1.8µm sensor. Essentially, the wider the aperture in a lens, the more light it can gather to produce great quality images. But that doesn’t seem to the case here. Besides, talking about the cameras, the device has a triple-camera setup and all of them are 12MP sensors. You can take a look at the specs below:

  • Primary: 12MP 1.8µm sensor, f/1.8-aperture, OIS, PDAF(Phase Detection Auto-Focus)
  • Ultra-wide: 12 MP 1.12µm sensor, f/2.2-aperture.
  • Telephoto: 12 MP 1.0µm pixel, f/2.4-aperture.
  • LED flashlight.
  • Features: 4K video @ 60fps.

Coming back, the device also has few other Artifact issues(visible effects of image that doesn’t exist in real life) like color fringing, hue shift, etc. That said, the device’s rear cameras do have some positives like good exposure, vivid & punchy color images, ultra-wide lens’ FOV, white balance, and stabilization in static videos.

Even though the device’s talking point is that folding display, one would expect at least a decent performance over mid-rangers. Samsung needs to address certain areas in future updates like the Artifacts, Autofocus, improper texture(photo&video) in the coming updates.


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