The Android tablets due to its operating system, offers many features that makes its users enjoy different content. Thus, with these devices, watching movies is simply too comfortable as well as listening to music. Now to make Android tablets more useful for book warms or novel lover, it is possible to convert them into electronic book. We will show how to do that..

Downloading and reading eBooks on Android tablets is very simple and can be done without spending a dime. And, furthermore, the apps offers a good number of configuration settings and also offers excellent compatibility with different types of files (for example PDF or ePub).

Applications That Turns Your Tablet Into An Electronic Book

If you want to make your Android device an Electronic book, there are several applications with excellent quality that can help you out and all of them can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. More so, most of the apps have translations capability.


This app is very complete, offers great options and its compatibility is excellent. Its user interface is not the best of all, but enough to manage all types of content. There is option to remember the last place you stopped.

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Aldiko Classic

This app stands out among others, especially, for its cool user interface. In addition, it includes the access to an integrated store for you to get books. Filled with options, compatibility with different file formats is more than enough.

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