No doubt, Snapchat app works better on iOS devices, but same cannot be said for Android users as they had to settle for a slow and poorly optimized experience. For years, the company has been dishing out promises to improve the app for Android and now the optimized version is finally available.

Snap Inc continued to work on the Alpha version last August, adding a secret method to allow people to try it already last fall. Earlier this year, Snap Inc’s CEO said that Snapchat’s redesign for Android would begin later this year, taking a good deal of time to finish it, but now it’s finally released.

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The improvements are not aesthetic but concern the performances that have been considerably improved, as you can see in the video below, however, the company has not shared specific details on the timeline for the release, so it will take a little patience and wait to receive the update.

Below you will find the video demonstration of the new update from XDA.


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