Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android stable version is finally
out after releasing
the Beta version couple of months ago
and it’s now available for everyone
as well. So users on iOS and Android can take a stroll to their respective
stores to download it freely.
Microsoft Edge stable version now available on iOS and Android for everybody

Talking about the performance of the browsers, there
certainly isn’t any shortage on either platforms, not even bearing in mind the
excellent options that come by default. Yet, if you are an Edge user on Windows
10 and wanted an easy way for your browsing history, passwords, logins, and
open tabs to sync on your smartphone, Edge on mobile does exactly that. It’s a
browser for dedicated Edge users on desktop to carry their browsing experience
with them when they shift to their phones.

To download Edge for iOS and Android, simply click the links
However, if you are unable to download it or can’t get the
final stable release, just be a bit patient, it might yet to be available for your

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