Microsoft releases Edge beta to Android and iOS users
Recently, we told you that Microsoft will soon bring its Edge browser to Android and iOS smartphones. The software company has began a beta testing program for Windows Insiders to feel the way it would be with Egde on their device.

Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS will be able to push pages to and from the PC for continuation of your browsing. This simply means you can browse on multiple devices.
The sleek browser will also sync bookmarks, reading lists and history and brings its Reading View to mobile – with this users will be able to do without the links, ads and design clutter from any article and concentrate only on the text.
Microsoft releases Edge beta to Android and iOS users
Unfortunate, syncing of tabs like Google Chrome is not allowed for now. That should change as time goes on.
Microsoft Edge is known for some good features on Windows 10 PCs when compared to Chrome, Firefox and others. It’s cleaner, it works fast with HTML5 content and it’s generally nice to your laptop’s battery life unlike to its counterparts.
Also, in terms of plug-ins, it’s also catching up with some of its peers. Not least of all Edge works best with Windows Precision drivers for users laptop’s trackpad bringing the smoothest multitouch zoom and gestures on Windows 10.
So, if you wish to test Microsoft Edge on your Android or iOS smartphone, all you need to do is to simply sign in or join the Windows Insider program for free via the source link below.

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