Huawei is well to b crazily in love with dual rear camera
systems to the extent that it’s really been applying this arrangement on all
its flagships and mid-rangers for a sometimes now. 2018, may be another year of
wonders in another level from the Chinese company.
Huawei P11 said to come with 3 cameras on the back for 40MP snaps

In fact, Huawei’s next P-series smartphone – possibly call
it the P11 – might show up with more than two cameras, going to a three cameras
system on the rear. This setup apparently will enable users to take 40MP photos,
and have 5x “hybrid zooming”. Selfies going to another level as well
as you will be able to take 24MP shots with “low light enhancement”.
This information is coming from a digital artist at one of
the company’s creative agencies, who added the promotional materials you can
see above to their portfolio. Remarkably, they have since been pulled and
aren’t available in the original location anymore – that may be a sign of these
materials’ importance or legitimacy. It’s impossible to be 100% sure at the
moment, so do take this with little trust but could be actually be real.

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Still, as Huawei was one of the pioneers of the dual rear
camera setup, it wouldn’t be extremely surprising to see the company amp things
up by going with three lenses from 2018.
A slightly baffling detail in these marketing materials,
which you may have noticed already, is the “Huawei PCE Series”
branding. That could just be a placeholder for the real name – say, P11 – or
perhaps the company will introduce a new flagship line that has camera
performance as its main differentiating feature. This might also mean that the
P-series will turn into the PCE-series, but time will tell.


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