Google is seriously working on its previously announced lighterversion of Android, including a collection of apps in the Play Store. This
optimized build of the Android Oreo OS was announced back at Google I/O, and
some test apps popped up in the following months. And now, Google has renamed its
Search Lite to Google Go. That matches Files Go, which is now out of beta.
Google announces Google Go, download APK file or from Playstore

Google Go is a low-data version of the regular Google app.
The last release was v0.5, but the new tag is attached to its name is v1.0.
This app enables you search Google, but it’s steamlined for circumstances where
mobile data might be consistently unavailable, poor or expensive. Page can be
saved offline, and users can get notifications when search results are ready,
and load “lite” versions of pages.

Another app launched for the trimmed OS is FilesGo, an file manager that automatically scans for duplicate apps and allows
you to ditch the redundant ones, identifies large files, and gives you different
tips on how to save some extra storage out of your phone. Of course, you can
use it as a regular file explorer and browse your files, though it lacks the
sophistication of third-party apps like Solid Explorer.
You can down load both apps from the below link:

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