Yesterday, Google has announced the its new treat, Android Oreo, the next version of Android OS. An oreo is a world-famous cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between. Google says Android Oreo is “smarter, faster and more powerful than ever”. Let’s checkout the major features we expect when as oreo lands.
What are the features we expect from Android 8 Oreo

Oreo Is Faster
Google says that Android 8 Oreo bots up twice faster that before (using the Google Pixel as the standard).

Oreo Limits Background Activity
Using Android Oreo, background activity in the least used apps on your phone get minimised. This should translate to a smoother experience.

Use Autofill In Apps
Autofill used to be something we enjoyed in web browsers. Oreo extends the functionality to apps so you can login to your favourite apps much easier and faster than before.

Users Can See And Use Two Apps Simultaneously
It sounds like split screen, but in this case, it is more fluid.

Oreo Allows You To Use Apps Without Installing Them
You can jump right into new apps right from your browser without having to install them, thanks to what Google calls Android Instant Apps. Bye-bye to internal storage of smartphones being clogged up with installed apps and installation files.

When Is Android 8 Oreo Rolling Out?
So, you want a piece of the cookie. The question is, When will you get it? Google says that manufacturers will get their hands on it today. If your smartphone runs stock Android and its manufacturer is committed to software updates; Hurrah! You will get it. That will mean users of Google Pixel and Nexus devices, as well as Moto, Android One and Nokia devices, among others.

However, if your smartphone brand uses a custom user interface, your chances of getting the update begin to drop drastically. Some manufacturers with custom UIs will update their flagship range of devices months down the line, but most Android smartphones running Nougat now will never get it. Users of those will have to purchase newer models running Oreo out of the box.


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