How To Use Text As WhatsApp Status Update

Recall that feature on Facebook that allows you add a
background color to your status update, now WhatsApp has added the same feature
to its Status Update functionality.

The latest WhatsApp updated version comes with that feature.
Initially, one could only use photo(s) or a motion picture to his/her status
update, now users can use text for the status update.

How To Use Text As
WhatsApp Status Update
Launch your WhatsApp app
  • Tap on “Status” Tab
  • You will see a pencil icon (for the Text status) and a
    camera icon (for Pictures/Video status updates).

  • Then type what you want there.
  • Note: Users can also add URLs to your status update.

The text background has more than 10 various colors available.
There are different stylish fonts to also use.

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