Truecaller brings flash messaging support to Android and iOS, how to send it

Truecaller has introduced flash messaging feature to its Android and iOS apps.
Truecaller brings flash messaging support to Android and iOS

With flash messaging feature, one would not need to type long messages for simple responses/queries or “yes and no” answers.
How to use the flash messaging feature.

Step 1. In the Truecaller contact list, a lightning bolt icon would been seen close to people making use of the Truecaller app. 

Step 2. Tap on tye icon and a number of mostly used emoji and frequently used queries and phrases such as “On my way” and “Where are you?”

Note: A button to send the user’s location is also available.

Step 3. To send the above to recipient, simply tap any of them to quickly send them. Alternatively, another option is to type out a short message and send.

The recipient gets the message flashed on their screen. From the screen, they can follow the above steps above to quickly respond to the sender.
Flash messaging is not a replacement to contemporary IM or SMS messaging but instead a way to quickly get across to someone in a jiffy without have to type an epistle.
On Android platform, the incoming message completely covers the screen like a phone call, so it would so you can hardly miss it or neglect. This is a very good feature for emergencies during instances like meeting.

The benefits of Flash Messaging:

  • It looks like an incoming call, but unlocks to be an incoming message
  • Can be responded with one tap to send location, emojis, and pre-written smart answers
  • All Truecaller users can receive them
  • Free to use with data
When Flash Messaging can be useful:

1. Imagine you’re giving a presentation, and your phone is buzzing away in your pocket. It’s obviously you cannot answer, or pause your presentation while you start to type sentences. That’s why with one-swipe up, Flash Messaging has pre-filled ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options to quickly answer an important question. 

2. We all know driving and texting or talking on the phone is a big no-no. So why not respond in just one-tap with the word ‘driving’ pre-filled in your Flash Messaging? 

3. Going for a night on the town with friends? Make sure to send your location in one-tap to family throughout the night!

Flash Messaging is available as well on Android. To get Flash Messaging on iPhone, simply upgrade to the newest version from Apple App Store!
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