Nokia recently goofed following its rebranding of the
Withings Health Mate app and releasing an updated version that made its users
became seriously irate. The first release of the Nokia Health Mate app was so
full of bugs to an extent that, it makes the users start calling for the older
version of the app.  
Nokia updates its Health Mate app with new and fixes, following user backlash

Earlier this week, the Finnish company acknowledged that the
application was a bit rubbish and assured to release an update that would fix
all the bugs and syncing issues upsetting users of Withings products.

Keeping to its promise, Nokia has released a new update for
its Health Mate app today. The newly updated Nokia Health Mate app is now
available to install from Play Store.
The update conveys many bug fixes and improvements,
including the once listed below:

“Nokia Health Mate details: Good news! Another
update of Health Mate that brings many bugfixes and improvements.


* Scale owners, find
unassigned weight measurements in the Timeline

* CO2 Level / Room
Temperature items are visible by default in the Dashboard

We’ve listened to your
feedback and fixed the following issues:

* Steel HR: the
connection between your watch and your app should be substantially more stable

* Aura: we fixed
several bugs that made it cumbersome to interact with Aura”

 Nokia said that more updates will follow until all the
issues stated by users will be addressed. Optimistically, these maintenance
updates that fix bugs won’t break features that work correctly.



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