Samsung has updated the Flow app on Google Play and Windows
Store so as to work with more devices and support a new authentication method.
Now, Samsung Flow can be used to unlock
How to unlock your Windows 10 PC with Samsung Flow app

Windows 10 devices, or at least, when using
a equivalent app for both Android and Windows 10. Hence, you can now improvise
a fingerprint scanner for your computer if it does not have. All you need to do
is to connect your phone to unlock.

The Android side of this setup was updated some time ago. But,
the Windows version was delayed owing to the Microsoft’ application publishing
The fingerprint unlock feature has already been supported by
the Galaxy TabPro S, but can now work with other Windows 10 devices too. To set
up this feature, please read the below instructions:
How to set up
Samsung Flow on your devices
  1. Launch Samsung Flow app on your phone and tablet/PC
  2. Select your phone and click Pair on the list
  3. Confirm your passcode on both devices and complete Bluetooth
  4. Click on the Register Device button on your tablet/PC
  5. Confirm passcode on both devices and complete registration
  6. Type your PIN on the next screen
  7. Scan your fingerprint. And you are done.
As sound tech-savvy, then you shouldn’t run into any trouble
with Samsung Flow.  All you is:
  • A compatible Samsung device running Marshmallow or latest
  • A PC with Bluetooth and fTPM support
  • PC must be running on Windows 10 Creator’s update.

This sounds complex, however it is not. It only means any
Windows 10 device with Bluetooth that has been updated of late. Uninstall
Samsung flow on both devices, follow the above guidelines to pair the two
devices, and you are all set.
Other noteworthy features of the app includes the ability to
sync notifications between platforms, an instant hotspot feature, and easy file
transfer between devices. It also works for both Samsung phones and tablets.
You can try this out if you have a compatible device.


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