The Google Contacts app is one of the most popular contacts apps around us. Most people do not really care much about its features due to its basic functionalities. Basically, this app is only used for storing contacts, finding stored contacts and editing contacts. There is nothing really much that users demand from this app apart from its main uses.

Google Contacts

However, users encounters real challenge the moment they want to use the web version of this app. The web version of Google Contacts app is expected to work just like the mobile app version but that is not the case. The web version is quite limited.

Most people that deal with many work-related contacts usually like to keep work contacts separated from their personal contacts. For this reason, it is best to save work contacts using the web version of Google Contacts.

Google Contacts To Get New Improvements

Editing Contacts

The challenge with using the web version of Google Contacts is that it only allows you to save contacts, and nothing more. The moment you save a contact, you cannot alter it in any way like editing the contact. But Google just tackled this issue, making it easier for users to add contacts in the Gmail and Google Docs apps.

Google stated this on its Workspace blog saying, it is rolling out an update to all users around the globe. This update will place a quick button for contacts on the right-side pane of Google Workspace apps. Clicking on the button reveals your contacts list and also allow users to add new contacts. The best part is that users can now edit contacts by selecting the contact and hitting on the Edit button on the top right corner.

Google Contacts new features

Finally, if a contact’s number is registered behind their Google account, you’ll be able to share your location with them in Google Maps directly from Google Contacts, using the new “Location sharing” button.

Release Date and Availability

Google has already started rolling out this new features to many users. However, the company said it will take up to 15 days for the roll-out to reach every user.

This feature will be available to every user of Google Workspace, Legacy G Suite and personal Google account holders.



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