Google Contacts app has received a new update, which includes a “For you” tab to remind users of birthdays, anniversaries, and significant dates of their contacts.

The new feature is a useful addition for people who tend to forget important dates of their loved ones. The app displays a profile card of the contact, including a photo, name, birth date, and a countdown to their next birthday. Users can also add other significant dates by editing the contact’s information.

Google Contacts App gets For You Tab To Remind You of Birthdays

The update also adds a shortcut to call or text the contact, making it easier for users to reach out and wish their loved ones on their special day.

The app’s “Highlights” tab displays the contacts you’ve most recently looked up and those that were just added, making it easier to find the contacts you need.

Google Contacts App gets For You Tab To Remind You of Birthdays 1

Google has been continuously improving its apps to enhance the user experience, and this update is a testament to that. The company has a great habit of taking its apps and making them as useful as possible, adding little features that make a big difference in the user’s life. Google Maps is a prime example of how the company has improved its apps over the years, making it one of the most popular navigation apps in the world.

Overall, the new update to Google Contacts app is a welcome addition for people who want to keep track of important dates and stay in touch with their loved ones.

The app is available on Android devices (version 4.2), and users can install it from the Play Store listing. With this update, the Google Contacts app is set to become an essential app for anyone who wants to stay organized and never forget an important date again.



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