The Italian data protection agency, Garante, has outlined a set of demands that OpenAI’s ChatGPT must meet before resuming operations in Italy. This follows a temporary restriction on personal data processing and an investigation into a possible breach of privacy rules, which resulted in OpenAI taking ChatGPT offline in Italy two weeks ago.

ChatGPT ban

OpenAI has yet to respond to Garante’s demands. The watchdog requires OpenAI to inform Italian users about the methods and logic behind the data processing necessary for ChatGPT to function. Additionally, Garante asks OpenAI to provide tools that allow individuals, including non-users, to request the correction or deletion of inaccurately generated personal data.

Garante also requests that OpenAI introduces an age verification system by the end of September to exclude access to users under 13. Garante reserves the right to impose further measures at the end of its ongoing investigation into potential breaches of data protection rules by OpenAI.

chatGPT 1

Experts argue that new regulations are necessary to govern AI due to its potential impact on national security, jobs, and education. The Italian action on ChatGPT has caught the attention of other European privacy watchdogs who are considering stricter measures for chatbots and coordinating their efforts. Spain’s data protection agency has asked the European Union’s privacy watchdog to evaluate privacy concerns surrounding ChatGPT.

In February, the Italian regulator banned AI chatbot company Replika from using personal data in Italy due to risks posed to minors and emotionally vulnerable individuals. It remains to be seen how OpenAI will respond to Garante’s demands, and if other countries will impose similar regulations on AI-powered chatbots.



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