ChatGPT continues to enjoy tremendous attention among the netizens ever since it took the internet by storm. The Artificial intelligence (AI), which is open to everyone’s access, is replacing people as a workforce in many different sectors. It seems that one of the fields in question is writing.

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According to the latest reports, books written by ChatGPT are flooding Amazon as people turn to AI for quick publishing. Here are the details…

ChatGPT-written books are taking over Amazon as people turn to AI for quick publishing

The ChatGPT has revolutionized the way people think about writing, making it possible for anyone with basic writing skills to publish a book in a matter of hours. This has led to a wave of books being published on Amazon. Many of which have been written entirely by the AI. One of the first people to take advantage of this technology was Brett Schickler, a salesman from Rochester, New York.

Schickler had always dreamed of writing a book but had never been able to find the time or inspiration. However, after discovering ChatGPT, he was able to create a 30-page illustrated children’s e-book called “The Wise Little Squirrel: A Tale of Saving and Investing” in just a few hours. The book is about a squirrel who becomes wealthy by saving and investing his money.

Schickler’s success with ChatGPT has inspired others to follow in his footsteps. As of mid-February, there were over 200 e-books in Amazon’s Kindle store listing ChatGPT as an author or co-author. Some of these books include “How to Write and Create Content Using ChatGPT,” “The Power of Homework,” and “Echoes of the Universe,” a poetry collection. In addition, there is a new subgenre on Amazon: books about using ChatGPT, written entirely by ChatGPT.

However, there are concerns about authenticity because ChatGPT learns how to write by scanning millions of pages of existing text. An experiment by CNET resulted in multiple corrections and apparent plagiarism before the tech news site suspended its use. There are also concerns that the flood of AI-written books could threaten “real” authors.


Mary Rasenberger, executive director of writers’ group the Authors Guild, said that “a lot of authors are going to be out of work” if AI-written books flood the market. Ghostwriting has a long tradition, but the ability to automate through AI could turn book writing from a craft into a commodity.

Some authors who use ChatGPT feel no duty to disclose in the Kindle store that their book was written by a computer.

Amazon’s policies do not require it, and the company has not commented on whether it plans to change or review its policies around authors’ use of AI or other automated writing tools. However, it is expected that some measures will be taken in this regard in the future.



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