Google is well known to refreshes its budget A-lineup of smartphones every year. The budget-oriented smartphones made by Google serve users with a chance to experience a top-notch camera experience. The devices are liked by many, especially those who are very enthusiastic about Google’s image processing.

Google Pixel 7A revealed

The brand for sure has standalone image processing which attracts many users towards it. Anyway, the successor of Google Pixel 6a is reportedly in the works and its specifications have now been leaked.

Google Pixel 7a Specifications Revealed Ahead Of Launch

According to Twitter tipster Wojciechowski, the camera arrangement for the Lynx is termed “Pixel 22 Mid-range,” as opposed to “Pixel 22 Premium” for the Pixel 7/Pro. And here’s another hint- the Walrus was Paul, the 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor discovered by the developer on the camera configuration for the smartphone dubbed Lynx (most likely the Pixel 7a) has been removed. Kuba believes the 50MP sensor was utilised during testing to evaluate the two new sensors used on the mid-ranger.

Thus, Lynx’s two image sensors are now identified as “l10 wide” (IMX787) and “l10 UW” (IMX712). With a wide and ultra-wide camera array on the back, the Pixel 7a will have two cameras in total.

Wojciechowski observes that no telephoto lens is mentioned. The IMX787 is a significant improvement over the previous IMX363 and should make the 7a an even better option for mid-range camera quality, he continues.

Additionally, he claims that Samsung would supply the 1080p panel with a 90Hz refresh rate. The Pixel 6a has a 60Hz refresh rate for comparison. The Lynx (Pixel 7a) will also be the first Google Tensor-powered smartphone to have a Qualcomm Wi-Fi Bluetooth chip, the WCN6740.


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