Benchmark platforms has been a quick way to easily determine a device’s true power and one of such is AnTuTu’s service, With this, it is now possible to compare all of the Android smartphones that are currently available and determine which has the greatest hardware.

Antutu toop 10

Let’s start by noting that you should concentrate on a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC if you are seeking a powerful one. In fact, this chipset controls the top three performing Android handsets.

Instead, if you look at the top 10 devices in order, up to 9 of them have a Qualcomm SoC. The Dimensity 9000 from MediaTek is the only chipset not produced by the American chipmaker present in the top 10.

The most powerful Android smartphone now on the market among the flagship models from different manufacturers has been revealed by AnTuTu, and it is not what you might anticipate!

So, the ASUS ROG 6 in 16 / 512GB configuration, which has a benchmark score of 1,117,077 points, dominates the list produced by AnTuTu. Then, ASUS ROG 6 Pro, which has 18/256GB of memory and 1,116,637 points, is in second place. With 1,061,590 points, Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is in third place.

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In addition, Red Magic 7 and Black Shark 5 Pro are located in positions four and five, respectively. Also, the Vivo X80, which is the only device running the MediaTek SoC, is currently in sixth place.

The Motorola Edge 30 Pro, Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro, and Motorola Edge X30 round out the top 10. All of these devices—excluding the Plus version—are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC.

The full AnTuTu rating of the top 10 Android devices, which takes into consideration the outcomes of the benchmarks, is shown below:

  1. ASUS ROG 6 (1,117,077 points)
  2. ASUS ROG 6 Pro (1,116,637 points)
  3. Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro (1,061,590)
  4. Red Magic 7 (1,055,626 points)
  5. Black Shark 5 Pro (1,026,453 points)
  6. Vivo X80 (1,005,160 points)
  7. Motorola Edge 30 Pro (991,700 points)
  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G (986,751 points)
  9. Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro (983.457 points)
  10. Motorola Edge X30 (979,697 points)



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