The tipster Jon Prosser revealed that Google is really close to releasing its first Pixel Watch. Unlike previous years, it seems the company is finally ready. With that said, according to the latest report, the device will come as Pixel Notepad.

Google Pixel Fold

Unlike earlier reports suggesting the Pixel Fold name for Google’s first foldable smartphone, the new report affirms it will be called the Pixel Notepad. Talking about originality, this seems to be better since Samsung already has “Fold” with its Galaxy Z Fold series, and Xiaomi also uses this name with the Mi Mix Fold. Google appears to be settling for something more “original” and the Notepad name seems to fit. Especially, given to the device’s alleged form factor that will resemble a notepad or a diary.

The Google Pixel Notepad To Come Cheaper Than The Galaxy Z Fold2

According to the report, the Pixel Notepad will be closer to the Oppo Find N in design rather than the Galaxy Z Fold3. It will be shorter and wider. The new report also comes with the price tag of the device. Apparently, Google is aiming for a $1,400 price tag for its first foldable device.

It will be priced lower than the Galaxy Z Fold3 which is currently sold at around $1,800 or even more depending on the region. It’s a nice way for the company to enter the segment, with a device that costs less than its direct competitors. Of course, everything will depend on the specs inside the new foldable.

According to rumors, the Pixel Notepad may not be a direct competitor for 2022’s flagships. Apparently, it will use the same Tensor chip inside the Pixel 6 series which is slightly behind the competition. The device will also opt for an inferior camera setup. The device may recycle the 12.2 MP camera inside of the Pixel 2, 3, 4, and 5 series. Google is not using the 50 MP Samsung GN1 sensor due to its thickness. The device will still pack a 12 MP IMX386 ultrawide snapper and two 8 MP IMX355s for selfies and video calls. One will be in the outer display, whereas the other should sit on the outer screen.

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