More and more brands are not trooping into foldable smartphones market as they are working on their own models. And in the coming months, several foldable smartphones designed by OPPO, Honor, and others are expected to launch. The almighty Google isn’t left out of the race.

Google Pixel Fold

Today, some interesting news emerged saying that the Google Pixel Fold (codename Pipit) had appeared on GeekBench. As you should know, when a phone is spotted in benchmark platforms, it simply means the manufacturers are testing it. As for us, it is a good place to learn about the upcoming phones. The same is true for the Google Pixel Fold. We mean the GeekBench screenshot shows that it will be powered by a self-developed Tensor chip.

In terms of performance, in GeekBench 4, the Google Pixel Fold scored 4851 and 11442 scores in the single-core and multi-core tests, respectively. We can also see that the phone comes with 12GB of memory and runs Android 12.

Google Pixel Fold With In House Tensor Chip Appeared In GeekBench

Rumor has it that the Google Pixel Fold will use an LTPO OLED display. Plus, the handset will boast Samsung’s foldable display technology. The in-folding display will have a size of 7.6 inches.

There were reports of the Google Pixel Fold getting cancelled as the company felt it would not be as competitive to succeed in the market due to stiff competition. With that said, it seems Google is indeed planning to work on the launch. There is no official word yet so let’s wait for more details in the coming days.



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