Early last year December, at the Qualcomm summit, Motorola confirmed that it will bring smartphones powered by flagship SoC. In fact, a G-Series smartphone with an 800 series chipset will come in 2021. Now, Lenovo China’s GM has teased a new Motorola smartphone and it could be called ‘Motorola Edge S’.

Motorola Edge
Motorola Edge

Chen Jin has teased the device via a Post on Weibo. The post also revealed an image of the Motorola logo on it. It shimmers with a yellow light falling on it having brushed textured patterns. That said, the image could just be a placeholder. The highlight is the post says a new flagship with Snapdragon 8xx is coming soon.

Looking at the timestamp of the Weibo Post, it seems to be posted from a device with the ‘Motorola Edge S‘ moniker. Hence, there is a strong possibility that the next device could carry the above name. While he hasn’t confirmed it as the latest Snapdragon 888, don’t rule out the possibility of an older SoC like Snapdragon 865.

Weibo teaser on motorola Edge S

While its still unknown if the Edge S will sport a flat display with a dual-punch hole or a curved display with a centered punch hole yet, there is a possibility that the Edge S might continue the trend of earlier launched Motorola Edge+. However, we do know that Motorola is working on a smartphone having a display with 105Hz refresh-rate support and a 64MP camera.

And it could be the Edge S as well. Let’s wait for more concrete details in the coming days as the launch window doesn’t seem far now.



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