Google Search is no doubt the biggest search engine in the world with billions of people depending on it for information. However, it is currently based on the traditional white webpage. With the advent of the dark mode train, we expect that to change soon.

Dark Mode on Google Search
Dark Mode on Google Search (source: 9To5Google)

It seems Google is already working on that thanks to a revelation by 9To5Google. According to the publication, Google is testing a native dark theme for desktop search.

“The white background switches to a dark gray hue that matches first-party mobile apps. Google’s logo is white instead of being multi-colored, though the microphone icon is unchanged, while the gray outline of the search field is reversed. The usually colorful icons representing the different filters (All, Images, News, etc.) are just blue, with the tab accent color similar. ” the publication describes the new changes. Also in the new theme, black text is grey and a different shade of blue is used for links.

This test is on a small number of users and the publication mentions that they noticed the changes on Windows 10 versions of Chrome and Firefox.

At present, only few Google webpages have the native dark theme, major on YouTube assets – YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music.

Google has experience on dark mode after rolling out system wide dark mode on Android and on several of their apps but not Chrome. This is a good sign that we will get that feature on Chrome as we browse at night where the light background can be a nuisance.


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