YouTube TV app now available for Android TV devices, Apple TV set to have too

Google back in April this year launched the YouTube TV but
yet to have a reasonable coverage outside the United States. Even in the US, it
could only boast more less than two dozens of cities in the country. However,
its effort proves that the tech company is highly committed to bringing YouTube
TV to as many consumers as promising.
YouTube TV app now available for Android TV devices, Apple TV set to have too

Due to its commitment, the Google announced a new YouTube TV
app which is now available for the big screen. The application that was initially
available for smartphone, tablet, and computer, will now be accessible to
Android TV users.
In the coming weeks, YouTube TV subscribers will have access
to stream live TV via the new app on Android TV devices such as NVIDIA Shield
and TVs with Android TV built-in, including Sony, and also on the Xbox One collection
of devices (Xbox One, Xbox One S, and soon Xbox One X).
Also, for people who don’t have any of the above mentioned
Android TV devices, the search giant has  announced that the new app will be made available
on Smart TVs, such as LG, Samsung, Sony, as well as Apple TV, in the imminent
The new YouTube TV app lets owners to control the live TV
experience with the TV’s remote control all game controller. The apps
background was made dark for a more cinematic experience.

Finally, Google also added a new Live guide made for the big


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