The Nokia smartphones are now in collaboration with the upcoming James Bond movie. That’s not a surprise since we have already seen an upcoming Nokia 8.2 5G in the trailer of the upcoming 007 movie. However, existing handsets will also get new James Bond-branded hardware as well. For example, the Nokia 6.2, will be be getting a new rugged-looking Kevlar case. The images have been revealed by the popular tipster Roland Quandt from

There’s a 007 logo on the back of the handset. Moreover, there’s a “007 special edition” label on the side. No info yet to tell if the case will be sold on its own or as part of a promotional bundle with the phone. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia launches a new Nokia 6.2 James Bond edition. Although that does not really make much sense at this point.

The sides of the case look pretty solid and the corners also come with extra padding. It will ensure that the case is also resistant to falls or accidents. Sadly, that’s all we know at this point about the upcoming case. Hopefully, we won’t need to wait much longer for an official release.

It’s worth mentioning that the upcoming James Bond movie was pushed to November due to the rise of the COVID-19 crisis. The movie was originally planned for April.

Of course, Nokia will not wait for the movie to release the Nokia 8.2 5G and the Nokia 6.2 James Bond case.


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