There’s another option for downloading apps for Huawei’s Android smartphones without Google Play Store. Among other things, the Huawei P40 Lite should now be equipped with the so-called AppSearch. An interesting addition to the still sparsely populated AppGallery.

Certainly, this path must be chosen so that Huawei can offer popular apps from American companies such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Although in a very unusual way, because the installation of some apps takes place via external app stores or directly from websites. Just not directly through the Huawei store.

You can download various Google apps via AppSearch, such as the Chrome browser and Youtube. Huawei cannot offer the download it directly to the users, so instead, it offers links to a website that contains the APK files. The installation file for Chrome and the other apps can be downloaded there. AppSearch is, therefore, a catalog of well-known Android apps that houses downloads from a wide variety of sources.

Huawei Search app

Latest Solution For Installing Google Apps On Huawei Smartphones

This is still not a very comfortable way, but it is the current solution by Huawei. However, the company can neither provide automatic app updates nor guarantee the security of the apps offered. As far as the highly unofficial download range of Google apps is concerned, I still don’t see Huawei on the right track. Depending on the app, the reference is different. The app in question relies on different sources to download the apps.

Huawei Search app

The individual apps are downloaded from other AppStores – e.g. Amazon AppStore, APKPure or apkmonk. You will be directed to the respective website to download the app directly from there. A separate registration is generally not necessary. Some apps – such as Facebook and WhatsApp – are also offered directly via the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a link to Download HUAWEI AppSearch app.


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