MTN 3G Smart Feature Phone (Smart M561M3) Common Issues and Resolution

The MTN 3G smart feature phone (Smart M561M3) runs on KaiOS 2.5 Operating system and accepts dual SIMs. (Only MTN SIMs can be used in the SIM 1 slot). It is pre-installed with various apps such WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Maps, MyMTNApp, FM Radio, Google Assistant and also offers Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity

The phone has two basic cameras, 1.3MP Rear Camera and Front Camera and a long battery life of 2000mAh battery. It is powered by the SC7731EF processor, has 2.4-inch screen, 256MB RAM and 512MB of storage.

MTN Launches 3G Feature Phone.

Yes, the phone boasts an internal memory of 512MB but this is too low for its users to derive satisfaction, thus bringing on some issues during usage. Below are some of the common problems that erupts when using the phone.

Common Issues With The MTN 3G Smart Feature Phone (Smart M561M3)

And due to its relatively low internal memory, here are some of the issues experienced by its users:

  • Phone freezes
  • Key Pad freezes
  • Inability to download Apps
  • Phone suddenly power off and restart


To address the issues identified above, please note the following

  • It is advisable to use an external SD card and set as default storage.
  • You can delete some pre-loaded files in order to create space in the phone memory. If you cannot do this. Simply walk in to the nearest MTN customer shop for assistance.
  • If issue persists, the device should be book-in at the shop with all accessories. It would be sent to MTN regional technical office and would be contacted for collection when issue is resolved.

Other Issues and Resolutions

Issues With Your Free 500MB Monthly For 6 Months

If you buy your Smart Feature phone from any of the MTN Walk-In Center or Office, you are entitled to 500MB for six 6 months. You can also read on How to activate the 500MB and resolve all issues with the activation here.

So, is you have any issue relating to the free 500MB monthly data for six- months, simply dial 180 (MTN customer care service number) or walk in to any of their offices.

ALSO READ: How To MTN Reach Customer Care Rep Without Stress Via 180

How To Installing WhatsApp On The MTN 3G Smart Feature Phone (Smart M561M3)

For Smart Feature Phone that do not have WhatsApp pre-installed, please download from Kai Store using internet connectivity – no account creation or user ID is required.

How To Factory Reset The MTN 3G Smart Feature Phone (Smart M561M3)

How to reset the MTN smart feature phone (Smart M561M3) when it freezes on MTN or KaiOS logo:

3G smart feature phone.

  1. First off, power off the phone
  2. Then press the right arrow key + power button and hold until the boot mode is entered.


  1. Click the power button to open the menu
  2. Use the down arrow key to scroll down to wipe data /factory reset and press the center key.

You can also “factory reset” the phone from the device menu but this option may not be available since the menu is inaccessible.

WARNING: All files saved on the device will be wiped if a “reset” is carried out- always seek customer’s permission before carrying out any form of reset or “Device format”.

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  1. Nura says

    Is there any way to unlock and use another SIM card for 3G

    1. Tellforce Blog says

      For now, non that I know but that will surely be discovered. Or may be discovered already.

  2. Omone says

    Good day everyone and Merry Christmas

    My MTN Smart phone froze for a while, then it showed “no service “ for over 12 hours.
    I removed the SIM card, placed it in another phone, the network service showed.
    Placed another Mtn SIM card in my phone , it showed “no service “
    What do I do? I just got it 3 days ago

    1. Andre Falana says

      Sorry for that Onone. Kindly return take the phone to any MTN walkin center as many cases of such has lately been reported and have been resolved.

  3. Omone says

    Thanks a billion

  4. luu says

    hello, i have an issue with resetting mtn smart s, we have had several complains regarding the device , it does not show menu app and when trying to rest with right key+ power button it gets stuck on the alert sign. please assist

    1. Andre Falana says

      Kindly take the device to the nearest MTN office for easy accessibility by Engineers

  5. project topics says

    Thanks very much, for the information on the Mtn smartphone, It’s so helpful.

  6. Brighton says

    Hie my second slim slot is not getting g acess ,
    i own mtn smart model m561m3 sm2 network problems

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